Art of Function Chiropractic

Meet Doctor O'Brien

Owner & Founder of A.F. Chiropractic

Dr. O’Brien grew up in Hastings, MN where he participated in many sports that sparked his interest in health and the body. He went on to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science at Dakota State University and graduated in 2016. He then moved back to Hastings, MN to attend Northwestern Health Sciences University where he graduated with his Doctor of Chiropractic in 2021.

Dr. O’Brien’s expertise is utilizing exercise therapies to solve dysfunction, furthermore a strong understanding of health and wellness in combination with muscle therapy techniques. He has a strong understanding of sports injuries and has a lot of experience working with athletes. He has a passion for treating patients who are motivated to better their health. Through communication, listening, and learning he can develop tailored treatments that fit the patient’s goals.

Our Principles

Art of Function Chiropractic was founded under the principle that every patient deserves a well-thought-out treatment plan that looks to solve not just their pain but also improve their quality of life. It’s the art of function in us all that we try to bring out. Every person is different and therefore requires unique and specific attention to detail in solving their body’s dysfunctions. We pride ourselves on being honest and ensuring the wellbeing of our patients is of the utmost importance.